Generative AI with Large Language Models course at Coursera by DeepLearning.AI & Amazon Web Services team

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A new course by DeepLearning.AI, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), is setting the stage for the next wave of AI applications. The “Generative AI with Large Language Models” course offers a deep dive into the transformative technology of generative AI, powered by large language models (LLMs). The course aims to equip learners with a comprehensive understanding of how these models are constructed, trained, fine-tuned, and deployed in various industries.

Course Overview

Developers and AI enthusiasts can now explore the intricate world of LLMs through an intermediate-level course that spans three weeks, with a commitment of 3-4 hours per week. The educational journey is enriched with hands-on labs and quizzes, guided by a team of experts led by Antje Barth, Shelbee Eigenbrode, Mike Chambers, and Chris Fregly from AWS.

The structured curriculum begins with an exploration of generative AI use cases and the project lifecycle, including model pre-training. In week two, the focus shifts to fine-tuning and evaluating LLMs. The final week delves into reinforcement learning and the practical applications of LLMs, including how they can be utilized to generate more positive summaries of dialogues.

Building AI Literacy

This course is a stepping stone for those aiming to demystify the complexities behind AI’s creative abilities. Students will deeply understand the AI model lifecycle, from data collection to the deployment of a trained model. The course breaks down the transformer architecture at the heart of LLMs, elucidates on training processes, and discusses empirical scaling laws — critical for optimizing a model’s objective function.

Practical Insights and Real-World Application

Learners are expected to apply the latest training, tuning, and inference methodologies to enhance model performance, tailored to the constraints of their specific projects. Furthermore, the course provides valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities that generative AI brings to the business landscape, enriched by anecdotes from industry researchers and practitioners.

A Pre-requisite to Innovation

The course requires participants to have a background in coding with Python and a grasp of machine learning basics. It is designed for those who have completed prior specializations in machine learning or deep learning offered by DeepLearning.AI, setting them up for success in navigating through the intricacies of generative AI.

A Conduit for Advanced AI Skills

Upon completion, participants are not just expected to understand LLMs theoretically but also to possess practical intuition on leveraging this groundbreaking technology. With these skills, developers will be able to forge innovative prototypes swiftly and make informed decisions beneficial to their organizations.

Closing Thoughts

As generative AI continues to reshape the landscape of technology and business, DeepLearning.AI and AWS’s “Generative AI with Large Language Models” course stands as an invaluable resource for those aspiring to be at the forefront of AI development. This educational endeavor promises to empower learners with the knowledge and skills to harness the potential of AI, fostering a future where human creativity and machine intelligence work in unison to solve complex problems and inspire innovation.

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