The Do Anything Machine: Your Personal AI Assistant for Task Completion

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The Do Anything Machine is an experimental open-source application that showcases the capabilities of the GPT-4 language model. The script chains together LLM thoughts to autonomously achieve whatever goal you set. The Do Anything Machine is a to-do list that does itself for you. It is a personal AI agent that will prioritize and complete your tasks for you. You can give your agent a name, a description of its role, and a list of five goals it attempts to fulfill. To run the script, you need to provide an OpenAI API key and a Google search API key.


The Do Anything Machine develops a multistep plan and attempts to execute it when given a task. For example, if you ask it to purchase a vintage pair of Air Jordans, it might search for shoe sellers and then look for a specific pair that meets your criteria. The Do Anything Machine falls short of AGI due to the limitations of GPT-4 itself. While impressive as a transformer and analyzer of text, GPT-4 still feels restricted to a narrow range of interpretive intelligence.

The issue of confabulations may also prove a significant limitation to the usefulness of these agents. However, the Do Anything Machine has a useful application as a self-executing to-do list that is currently in development. The focus on “hustle” and making money might give some pause, but the Do Anything Machine remains an exciting introduction to a framework/approach. What is most exciting is what people are building on top of this idea. The Do Anything Machine has the potential to be an AI assistant that could perform any digital task by itself.

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