ElevenLabs Launches New Multilingual Speech Synthesis Model: Expanding Creativity and Accessibility in AI-Generated Audio Content

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In a major development for AI-powered speech synthesis, ElevenLabs has launched its new multilingual TTS model, Eleven Multilingual v1. This new model boasts advanced capabilities that support seven additional languages, including French, German, Hindi, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish. The deep learning approach utilized by the model leverages a larger volume of data and computational power, enabling it to understand textual nuances and convey emotions with greater richness and accuracy.

Eleven Multilingual v1 is built entirely on ElevenLabs’ in-house research and retains all the key features of its predecessor, Eleven Monolingual v1. These include the ability to adjust delivery based on context and convey emotions hyper-realistically. Notably, the model can now identify multilingual text and articulate it appropriately, allowing creators to generate speech in multiple languages while maintaining unique voice characteristics for each speaker.

While the new model represents a significant milestone in the democratization of voice, it does have some limitations. For instance, numbers, acronyms, and foreign words sometimes default to English when prompted in a different language. However, the team at ElevenLabs is working to overcome these limitations and provide more improvements in the future.

The launch of Eleven Multilingual v1 is a major step forward in making AI-generated audio content more accessible to a broader audience. By providing an extensive range of voices, accents, and languages, AI is bridging cultural gaps and promoting global understanding. Content creators, game developers, and educational institutions can now create immersive, localized experiences for their audiences, maximizing engagement and efficiency. Furthermore, accessibility institutes can empower people with visual impairments or learning difficulties by providing them with resources that suit their needs.

Eleven Labs is a voice technology research company that is revolutionizing the world of dubbing and speech generation. The company uses AI and ML to provide automatic dubbing, voice conversion, and speech synthesis tools for content creators, web platforms, and production studios across various industries. But what makes Eleven Labs different from the rest of the pack?

Unlike other dubbing tools, Eleven’s dubbing tool lets you automatically re-voice a video in a different language while preserving the distinctive features of the original speaker’s voice. The company is the first on a mission to provide dedicated tools for speech-to-speech translation that preserve speaker identity between languages. With Eleven Labs’ technology, you can produce multilingual, localized audio tracks spoken with native-grade fluency and vocabulary, in your own voice, with your speech pattern preserved, and without the need to re-edit the visuals.

Eleven Labs’ tools are not just limited to dubbing, though. The company is also developing voice conversion and speech generation tools that support both voice cloning and synthetic speech. With these tools, Eleven Labs can precisely adjust the tone of utterances to any desired effect and generate countless iterations within a particular style of delivery, just like an actor would.

The company’s vision for the future is one where all spoken content is accessible in any language across streaming, film, podcasts, audiobooks, gaming, advertising, and real-time conversation. They hope to help bring this future about by providing a vastly more immersive and seamless experience than captioning ever could.

Eleven Labs’ tools seek to allow existing content to reach a wider audience and to optimize time and cost involved in producing new content while maximizing production value. With their innovative technology, creators can widen their reach, and prospective audiences can discover content they find relevant and captivating, regardless of what language they understand.

Eleven Labs is on the cutting edge of voice technology, and their products have the potential to change the way we consume and produce content. Whether you’re a content creator, web platform, or production studio, Eleven Labs has the tools you need to take your content to the next level.


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