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Stable Doodle is an innovative sketch-to-image tool that allows you to transform simple drawings into dynamic images by removing text from any image. This powerful technology opens up a world of creative possibilities for individuals in various fields.

The technology behind Stable Doodle combines Stability AI’s advanced image generation technology, Stable Diffusion XL, with the T2I-Adapter developed by Tencent ARC. The T2I-Adapter is a condition control solution that provides precise guidance to the pre-trained text-to-image model (SDXL). By leveraging the T2I-Adapter, Stable Doodle can understand the outlines of sketches and generate images based on prompts combined with the defined outlines.

Stable Diffusion XL 0.9 (SDXL 0.9) is the latest advancement in the Stable Diffusion suite of models developed by Stability AI. While it is currently available exclusively to academic researchers, it will be released under a non-commercial, research-only license on StabilityAI’s GitHub platform in the near future.

For those interested in exploring the capabilities of Stable Diffusion, the official Stability AI demo, Clipdrop Stable Diffusion XL, is the perfect platform to test the cutting-edge model. This demo showcases the latest and most refined version of Stable Diffusion and provides users with an opportunity to experience its potential firsthand.

Additional Features:

Generate high-resolution realistic images with AI

    Uncrop your photos to any image format
    Create multiple variants of an image with Stable Diffusion
    Transform your doodles into real images in seconds
    Remove objects, people, text and defects from your pictures automatically.
    Extract the main subject from a picture with incredible accuracy. It’s like magic.
    Relight your images with beautiful lights.
    Upscale your images by 2x or 4x in seconds. It can also remove noise and recover beautiful details.
    Teleport anything, anywhere with AI
    Remove text from any image

The best part is that using Clipdrop Stable Diffusion XL is completely free of charge. Whether you’re an artist looking to enhance your sketches or a professional in need of high-quality images without text, Stable Doodle offers a seamless solution.

With Stable Doodle, the process of removing text from images becomes effortless, allowing you to unlock new creative possibilities and enhance your visual content. Try Stable Doodle today and discover the transformative power of this innovative tool.

Please note that the availability and terms of use may vary, so be sure to check Stability AI’s official website for the most up-to-date information and access to Stable Doodle and Stable Diffusion models.

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