Safurai: The AI Code Assistant That Streamlines Your Development Process

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Software development can be a complex and time-consuming process, with developers facing many challenges in coding, debugging, and refactoring. However, a new AI-based IDE extension called Safurai is revolutionizing the way developers work, by providing solutions and suggestions to make the development process more efficient and streamlined.

Safurai acts as a virtual assistant to developers, helping them with various aspects of software development. The AI Code Assistant is designed to assist developers in changing, optimizing, and searching code. It is an all-in-one solution that saves developers time and effort while improving code quality.

One of the most innovative features of Safurai is The Textbox. The Textbox is the central hub of the extension and allows developers to ask for information, code creation, and other requests. Everything is contained in one convenient location, making it easier for developers to get the assistance they need.

Another powerful feature of Safurai is Code Shortcuts. This feature allows developers to highlight their code and use one of the seven shortcuts available. Additionally, developers can create their own shortcuts in the Safurai editor, making the development process even more efficient.

Safurai also has a unique feature called “Train Your Assistant.” This beta function is currently only available for Javascript and allows developers to train their AI assistants with just one click. By letting Safurai know what you are working on, it can provide even more tailored suggestions and solutions.

For those who struggle with finding functions within their projects, Safurai has a solution with its Super Search feature. With Super Search, developers can describe the feature they want to find, and Safurai will tell them where it is in their projects. This beta function is also currently only available for Javascript.

Finally, at the top left of Safurai’s Extension UI, developers will find a History icon where their requests are recorded. This makes it easy to refer back to previous requests and see how the AI Code Assistant has helped throughout the development process.

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