Make a game that doesn’t exist

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That’s roughly the request that a programmer made to ChatGPT. It all started when the IT specialist was dissatisfied with the chatbot’s game recommendations. He was at a loss and asked the neural network to show him puzzles that don’t exist yet.

Hearing such a request, ordinary people would think that the guy was a fool. But the AI was able to generate a game similar to Sudoku. In this game, you need to click on the numbers so that the sum of the remaining numbers in the columns and rows equals the corresponding number below and to the right.

Frankly speaking, the game is addictive. You can get stuck playing it. Go ahead and try it out at ( 👾

In recent years, we’ve seen AI and machine learning making remarkable advancements in various fields, including gaming. Thanks to deep understanding, neural networks can now generate games that didn’t exist before. This breakthrough allows for endless possibilities in the gaming industry, opening up new ways to engage players and attract new audiences.

The game generated by ChatGPT is an excellent example of the potential of AI in gaming. The neural network used complex algorithms to come up with a unique and addictive game that could keep people entertained for hours.

The game’s mechanics are simple, yet challenging, which is a hallmark of great puzzle games. The objective is to click on the numbers and make sure that the sum of the remaining numbers in the rows and columns is equal to the corresponding number below and to the right. It’s a test of logic and critical thinking, perfect for those looking to exercise their minds.

With the advent of AI-generated games, we can expect to see more innovative and engaging experiences in the gaming world. The endless possibilities of neural networks mean that we could soon see games that are tailored to each individual player, offering a unique experience every time they play. The future of gaming is exciting, and we have AI to thank for it.

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