Update: Faster, Better, Stronger than Ever Before!

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Stablecog, the online image generation platform, has just released a major update that promises to make the site faster, more reliable, and more sustainable than ever before. The update includes several new features that are sure to make users happy.

The first major improvement is the system overhaul. The team at Stablecog has worked tirelessly to make the system more robust and scalable. They’ve also upgraded to NVIDIA A100s, which are significantly faster than the previous generation of graphics processing units. This means that Stablecog can now generate four images at a time by default. Additionally, the new system is open-source and available on GitHub for those who want to tinker with it.

The user experience has also been vastly improved. The new interface keeps track of your image generations or upscales, even if you navigate to other pages on the site. This means that you can start an image generation or upscale and then go about your browsing, only to return to the results later. The interface also saves your previous actions, so you can easily revisit your image history without any delay.

Stablecog has also switched to cloud storage for all user generations. Pro users’ images have been stored in the cloud since the beginning, but now even free users’ generations will be stored there. This means that users will be able to access their entire image history, regardless of whether they were saved locally or in the cloud.

The new pricing model is perhaps the most significant change. Stablecog has realized that offering tens of thousands of image generations to everyone for free simply isn’t sustainable. The team was losing money on free users and even the pro plan wasn’t covering the costs of GPU usage. As a result, Stablecog is moving to an image-based pricing model that aligns its incentives better. They will still offer free generations but in a more sustainable way. Users can also participate in events to earn additional free generations.

With this update, Stablecog has become even more user-friendly, reliable, and cost-effective. The team behind the platform has clearly listened to user feedback and worked hard to improve the platform in every way possible. It’s clear that they’re committed to providing the best possible image-generation experience for their users, and this update is a testament to that.

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